Hope for All Solidarity Raffle. Secure your lucky number!

New for you: Solidarity Raffle Hope for all – Believing that it is possible. With R$15,00 you can compete for prizes every week and start making a difference in the lives of thousands of people.

Hope for All Solidarity Raffle. Secure your lucky number!

The novelty of this edition will be that for every three purchases you get two lucky numbers. To win, you need to make three purchases separately, regardless of the number of numbers purchased in each transaction. 

In addition, there will be 19 draws throughout the action and more than 25 prizes, totaling almost 90 thousand reais in prizes.

Much more chances to win. Much more chances to help the Family of Hope.

Help transform lives and still compete for prizes

Each lucky number acquired helps to maintain the work of Fazenda da Esperança, in addition to enabling the opening of new units, further increasing our mission to spread hope to those in need. You help transform lives, including yours.

  Do you already know the social works of the Fazenda da Esperança? 

-  Girassol Project - Welcoming needy children for food and education.

Fazenda da Esperança - Recovery of young people, families and people with chemical dependency.

- Recanto da Esperança - Reception and care for the elderly.

- There's a way with God – Action “Doing good is good” - Welcoming homeless people. 

- Sol Nascente Support House -Treatment of HIV carriers in chronic symptomatic stages.

- Maintenance of the Sanctuary of Hope, blessed by Pope Benedict XVI on his visit to the Fazenda da Esperança in 2007.

- Mission Follow Me - Support in the formation of new missionaries for the cause.

- Spreading Hope – Volunteering Project, aimed at young people to help with the works of the Fazenda da Esperança.




You can get your lucky number now! Click here or access www.esperancaparatodos.org.br 

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