Daily Word

The spirit tends towards life and peace. Rom 8,1-11

Daily Word

“It's not the techniques that decide! It's not the techniques that change the man! It's not the techniques that cure! The techniques just help. [...]. That is why man lives today in anguish, depression, panic, spiritual anguish, existential anguish. Through union with Christ, we find the way where the greatest union with the human being can be made. This deep, spiritual union with the human being is important for the patient to be well treated and humanized”. (Welcome given, in the specialization course, to professionals from TIP Clínica at Fazenda da Esperança, on June 29, 2009. SANTOS, Cesar Alberto dos, Renate Moraes. A Woman in Search of Truth, p 184).

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Pray for us! Our Lady of Aparecida #FarmHope #SantodoDay

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