General Meeting of Fazenda da Esperança elects new administration and general council

Between 30/10 and 02/11, the General Assembly of the Social Work Nossa Senhora da Glória - Fazenda da Esperança, to elect its new administration and general council.

General Meeting of Fazenda da Esperança elects new administration and general council

In recognition of the dedication of the last 6 years, the current administration and board were re-elected for the period from 2022 to 2027.   “It was a moment of God's presence, we had days of retreat, conversations, sharing, exchanging experiences and prayer”, says Father José Luiz de Menezes, re-elected member. Check the names:


Father José Luiz de Menezes
Ricardo Vilson de Oliveira
Juliana Paula Nogueira 
Angelucia dos Santos Moura

Members of the Board

Father Vinicius Esch Gouveia
Father Marcio Roberto Geira
Father Christiam Heim
Marcelo Rodrigues Oliveira
Isabel Cristina Campos de Miranda
Michaela Fikus
Christine Magg
Roberto Xavier Camargo (Beto)
Marineia da Silva Pinto Pereira



We wish many thanks to the elected and re-elected

Council with regionals

Since last Wednesday (03) - until the next 09th - members of the Family of Hope (people who understand and live the charism of Hope) and the regional responsible for the Fazenda da Esperança have gathered. Together they seek to discern the issues and challenges that the Work is experiencing. 

The presence of “Jesus in the midst” at this important time is essential. During the days that this meeting takes place, we ask everyone's prayers that our founders, presidency and board members can reflect and make decisions according to God's will for the Farm of Hope.



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