Therapeutic communities guarantee 30% tax immunity

Recognized by the federal government as an essential service in welcoming, humanized treatment and dignified social reintegration, the therapeutic communities won yet another victory after an intense week of articulations.

Therapeutic communities guarantee 30% tax immunity

Unanimously, the Federal Senate approved the reformulation of rules for the certification of charitable entities, ensuring tax immunity of 30% on the payroll, allowing the reception of needy people free of charge, in addition to the Ministry of Citizenship issuing the Cebas. The text returns to the Chamber of Deputies.

The rapporteur of the Complementary Law Project (PLP) 134/19, senator Carlos Fávaro (PSD-MT), presented a favorable opinion and accepted 10 of the 14 amendments presented by the senators to the project, including the request for reinsertion of TCs, in the list of entities able to be certified as charitable, made by senators Luiz do Carmo (MDB-GO), Carlos Viana (PSD-MG), Eduardo Braga (MDB-AM), Eliziane Gama (Cidadania-MA), Eduardo Girão (Podemos-CE ), Eduardo Gomes (MDB-TO) and Otto Alencar (PSD-BA). Journalist Sérgio Botelho Junior interviewed some organizers who were happy with the result of the vote.

According to the National Secretary for Drug Care and Prevention, Quirino Cordeiro, the approval reflects positively on the new National Policy on Drugs. “We reversed a big mistake that was made in the Chamber of Deputies when TCs were removed from the list of entities that could enjoy the right to philanthropy. This would be a mortal blow for a very large number of entities that provide services of great importance to the Brazilian population. We are going to continue articulating with the entities towards new victories in the National Congress”, he points out.

In agreement with the secretary, the Director of Articulations of Senapred, Edu Cabral, emphasized that the current administration fights for a country free of drugs and for the recovery of addicts, reinserting them in a citizen way. For this, it counts on the support of the TCs that are creating unity among themselves and strengthening the segment. “We fight for life. It is unbelievable that we are reaching 2022 and there are people who still want to release drugs and disrupt the TCs. Senapred came to make a difference and recognize the rescue work that these TCs have been doing. CT is not a business, it is a calling, it is a vocation”.  

During the vote, the big surprise was the left's support for the TCs. For the president of the National Confederation of TCs, Adalberto Calmon, the support is due to the solid institutional structure that the TCs have achieved over 53 years. “We have to thank God for being kind to us, because the work of the TCs has the strong presence of God among all of us. We thank the 66 senators who voted for approval.

According to the text, the validity period of the certification continues to be three years and the requests for renewal made after the deadline will be considered as requests for the granting of a new certification.


Source: imagine believe

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