Farm in Macaé/RJ receives 2,5 tons of food

Even after the end, the Solidarity Vaccination Campaign continues with results. After learning about the work of Fazenda da Esperança, through the campaign, EDF Usina Termelétrica Norte Fluminense donated 2,5 tons of food to the institution.

Farm in Macaé/RJ receives 2,5 tons of food
The delivery was marked by emotion from the responsible and 40 serviced from the space, located at KM 148 of the BR-101.
The first lady, Quelen Rezende, and those responsible for the institution, Rodrigo and Marina Gabbay, were responsible for delivering the foodstuffs, in addition to the person responsible for Communication and Human Resources at EDF, Luciana Barbosa.

During the visit to the space, Quelen Rezende and Luciana Barbosa were received by a special program of thanks, in which volunteers and welcomes sang praises and gave testimonies about the place that will hold a Christmas lunch for the price of R$15,00, next the 19th (Sunday). To participate, simply schedule it by calling (22) 99855-4060 or 99263-2154.

Quelen Rezende highlighted that visiting the Fazenda da Esperança is always special, especially with donations. “I have a huge affection for the place. This year, in August, the institution was one of the first to register to receive food from the Solidarity Vaccination Campaign. We know the struggle and difficulty that the institution is going through. I have already been here with the mayor and we were very moved by the work. When EDF signaled its intention to donate I was very happy. I just have to thank this support”, he emphasizes.

The representative of EDF Norte Fluminense, Luciana Barbosa, admitted that she was enchanted with the place and that the company embraced the cause. “The intention is that the Farm is also part of the calendar of internal campaigns that the thermoelectric plant carries out. Our company soon decided to collaborate with the donation due to its trust in the city hall, in the figure of First Lady Quelen, and in the institution's responsibility and commitment. EDF is very close to the Farm, the intention is to bring us closer and closer”, he pointed out.

On the occasion, the volunteer and missionary Raphael Heinrinch and the one attended by the Fazenda Rafael Tenório França, stated that the donation from the EDF and the support from the City of Macaé represent a lot. "We are a family, each one with a story, we have love and we see the love they are having for us. We just have to thank them for looking out for us and for the opportunity they give us here. I'm from Belém do Pará and I'm grateful for everything ”, France said.

The German Heinrinch, who has his bags ready to return to Germany, admitted that he will miss Macaé and the Farm. “I love this city and the space. In three weeks I return to my country to attend college, but I want to return to Macaé. I have fond memories and the donation will be one of the positive memories”, he highlights.

The responsible Rodrigo and Marina Gabbay recalled the couple's trajectory in the place where they have been for three years. “The city has done a lot for us. Quelen's affection for the Farm is wonderful. It's great to see God's love and see it touching people's hearts to help the Farm. Here there is exchange and love. We were short of foodstuffs like beans, and we're getting more than two tons of food. We started December in a blessed way. We are very grateful to EDF, Quelen and the City Hall”, they commented, moved.

Esperança -The Fazenda da Esperança, therapeutic community in Macaé, has been operating in the city for 12 years. It has the capacity to serve 50 people aged 18 or over, dependent on alcohol, drugs and even depression problems. The hosted produce items that are sold in parishes in Macaé and even at the local headquarters, such as dulce de leche, cheese, cookies and bread. The space receives donations of food, cleaning supplies and clothing. Donations can be made at the headquarters of the Farm.

By trinity joice

Source: Macaé City Hall

Credit: Photo: João Barreto

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