Testimonial - April 2020

Daniel Lemes and Alessandra Aparecida Lemes

Testimonial - April 2020

I am married to Alessandra and we have three daughters. I did my recovery process at Fazenda da Esperança in Guaratinguetá / SP. During this period, my wife accompanied the Esperança Viva Group (GEV). I realized that because she attended the group, she started to see my recovery in a more comprehensive way.

I would send some letters without knowing if I would be able to recover and without the certainty that I would be able to live the charism of Hope outside the Farm, but my wife always believed, thanks to God and the accompaniment she had in the group. I realized that her letters motivated me to stay for the purpose of finishing my year at the farm and then staying firmly away.

Today I am at home and live very well with my wife and daughters. The experience of being "separated" for a year, that is, me recovering at the farm and she at home, matured our relationship.


During Daniel's recovery year, I attended the Esperança Viva Group in São José do Rio Preto / SP. The group showed that the family needs to recover, as it is very difficult to have a drug addict at home.

The family needs help to know how to deal with the situation, both during recovery time and afterwards, when they return to live together. In the group, the main point that drives us to live hope is to do this for us and not for the dependent. We need to look for strength and at GEV we find people with the same purpose of encouraging, through sharing, the recovery of the drug addict.

After Daniel's recovery at Fazenda da Esperança, we went to the GEV together and tried to live the Gospel in order to follow the same steps.


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