“The call that Jesus made for you”

“I launch myself into love and experience the resurrection”, Nelson Giovanelli

“The call that Jesus made for you”

In a relaxed atmosphere, and starting the moment with a song, being “Take your cross and follow me” ', Nelson Giovanelli, founder of Fazenda da Esperança, shared a precious theme for the journey of the Esperança Viva Groups, the importance of the call that Jesus makes.

This precious invitation, according to the founder, leads one to launch oneself into love and experience the resurrection, but for that to happen, it is necessary to create a favorable environment and exercise listening.

The Esperança Viva Groups regionals experienced this moment with the founder, and this experience brought to the meeting an important experience in unity, and with Jesus in the midst.

Nelson shared the importance of creating a culture of listening within groups, and highlighted a point that should not be overlooked, according to Nelson first of all it is necessary to create the presence of Jesus in the middle.

“I feel that our task, more than being responsible for all these activities that we have to do, is to have an attitude that everyone who meets me feels confident in opening up. Because the time that this happens, the wound healing process begins, and this is only possible if I take this path of “renouncing myself, taking up the cross and following it”. ”, Stressed Nelson Giovanelli.

The founder also highlighted the role of the Gev`s in society, and that together with Fazenda da Esperança, being a body, a charism that unites so many in their callings, one must become aware of the importance of being carriers of hope.

“I don't know if you are aware of what you are carrying with us in relation to the work. We are discovering the call that Jesus made for you, becoming aware of your responsibility and, at the same time, of great love. It is not to be vain; it is to thank God for the call and at the same time understand how we can do it better, with His help ”, said the founder.

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