Collective spirituality

The tools needed for this lifestyle

Collective spirituality

At the meeting of the regional Gev, held in November, Father Luiz de Menezes, president of Fazenda da Esperança brought up a theme reinforcing the points for experiencing collective spirituality. Through the inspiration given by Chiara Lubich, Father Luiz spoke of this lifestyle.

First point made was mutual love. The commitment to give one's life for the other is the ground for generating Jesus. It is love beyond human limits; the love generated between the brothers is a commitment that goes beyond humanity. Only then is the presence of Jesus attracted. A divine commitment that God asks of each one.

“A spiritual family only moves forward, if it has columns, people committed to life. If it doesn't, it doesn't grow, it doesn't get to where God wants it to go. So that Jesus can be present in the middle ”, said Father Luiz.

Among these tools is also fraternal correction, an attitude, a way of being of the first Christians, something necessary, which becomes a divine relationship.

“I am what I am before God and before others. Accept the correction of the other, and understand that correction is love. Whoever loves corrects, whoever does not correct does not truly love. We are committed to each other, ”said Father Luiz.

At the colloquium, being the deepest shares, Father Luiz shows us that it is necessary to look for people who are a spiritual reference, so that the opening can happen, and he emphasizes that alone we cannot. “Who is the reference that I can open up to, and how good it is to have references like that. That helps you in the most difficult moments ”, said Father Luiz.

In the communion of souls and also in the communion of experiences of the word, Father Luiz emphasizes the importance of these moments in groups, thus making the exchange of daily experience.

With these tools, Esperança Viva Groups are strengthened, spread the charism of Hope and bear fruit. These tools should be used to collaborate for the spiritual growth of groups.

“We want the good of the family, we want the good of the community ... This way has to be authentic in groups, it is fundamental because we are born there, it is a community lifestyle. It is a criterion that is part of our collective spirituality, our lifestyle ”, concluded Father Luiz.

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