Gev holds meeting with "ES"

Gev's of São José dos Campos hold a meeting with Es

Gev holds meeting with

In December, the Esperança Viva Groups of São José dos Campos organized the "Es" meeting, bringing together men and women who have already finished their year at Fazenda da Esperança and Gev and who live in the city of São José dos Campos / SP.

At the meeting, the Es shared their experiences, had a moment where they could make communion of souls; renewing the choice to live in the world without being in the world.

"We have to continue after the farm, because for the addict the recovery is constant. And through Gev, which is the extension of the farm, we continue with what we learned inside, which is to love, to serve and take Jesus to those who haven't found it yet, "said Es Cristiano de Oliveira, who four years ago ended his year of recovery at Fazenda da Esperança. 

For the organizers, holding the meeting is to strengthen the daily yes of living the word, in addition to strengthening the walk in society.

"We felt the need for this meeting, being local, I really felt the presence of the Farm, not structure, but of the spiritual presence here at Gev, out here with us living this reality. It is very important to hold this meeting with the local Es , I think this is very good to strengthen them within Gev, and also to emphasize the importance of Gev out here ", said Eliana Campos responsible for Gev Fonte de Água Viva.

The meeting ended with a Mass, celebrated by Father Christian Heim, Rector of the Sanctuary of Hope.

The city of São José dos Campos currently has 3 Gev's active in the city, namely Gev Catedral, Gev Misericordiar and Gev Fonte de Água Viva.

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