Regional Gev of Central America holds meeting

Those in charge of the Esperança Viva Groups in Mexico met with the regional and shared experiences.

Regional Gev of Central America holds meeting

In December 2020, the heads of the Esperança Viva Groups in Mexico met in the municipality of Villa Higalgo, Jalisco, to receive news of the experiences and news of the meeting of the regional Gev that took place in Guaratinguetá / SP.

Father Neftali, Regional Gev of Central America was in Brazil for the meeting and shared with those responsible the moments they had with the founders of Fazenda da Esperança, presidency, and the actions that took place during the meeting of the regionals.

Aligning changes and decisions, during the meeting Maria Esther Saucedo, a member of Gev San Jose in Aguascalientes, assumed the role of “Violeta”, where she will be supporting the communication part of Gev in sending the actions carried out by the groups in Mexico.

In addition to the practical part, the meeting also had a moment of communion, where members shared their walking experiences inside the Gev Santisima Trinidade, in Villa Hidalgo Jalisco, Mexico.

“Before arriving at Gev and finding the charisma, I had suicidal and depressive thoughts. In the group I found a family that helped me find dignity and worth as a daughter of God, ”said Lorena Berenice Pérez, who has been with Gev for 10 months.

Martín Hernández has been at Gev for 1 year and 4 months, and shared that alcohol had enslaved him for several years. “I managed to remove this dependence on alcohol from my life through the charism of hope, being faithful in the group and living the word of life,” said Martín.

Young Manuel Delgado also shared his walking experience at Grupo Esperança Viva, where he has been participating in the meetings for 2 years. “Before the charism of hope, addiction was a model of life, when I met Gev and the charism of hope enlightened me to get off drugs,” said Manuel. 

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